June 4th, 2006


Hostage for Hostage

The sun has set, and at night on this planet, the sky dances. The light of the stars ripples every so often, intercepted by an invisible aurora. Beautiful for the visitor to behold, though anyone familiar with this place would find the sight eerie and rather sinister. The constellations are unfamiliar, and there is no moon. The air is breathable, though, with a slightly different smell to it but carrying all the same gases in all the same proportions that humans are accustomed to. It's a dry summery warm out tonight, but there's no one but this party around to appreciate it.

The planet is deserted, by all appearances, though it clearly was not always. In fact, you stand upon pavement before a building apparently build to accommodate human dimensions. This is a city, albeit a decimated one, crumbling in ruin. Telltale scorchmarks and craters speak of violent involvement in its abandonment, and the relative lack of extensive plant or fungal growth speaks to that abandonment not having been so terribly long ago. This was once an extremely technologically advanced society, thousands of years ahead of the human accomplishments most here are familiar with, but this ground hasn't sustained human life in 14 years.

The site Ether found is, or was, a warehouse used to store some kind of heavy machinery that looks something like a glorified forklift. Most of the storage facility is occupied by rows of the things; those rooms would not be wise to deal in. The many of the "forklifts" were mid-maintenance when disaster emptied this planet, exposed bits and pieces that would be wicked to be thrust up against. One "room" about the size of a tennis court is empty, though, of any machinery but a frozen conveyer belt overhead. Two windows admit bright wavering starlight.

The place is unusual, deserted, and small enough to restrict Walter's teleporting advantage, should the need arise. So it was chosen, and so here you are. Hostage in hand, you've come to make a trade.

Hopefully a peaceful one.

(( I assume no one present would recognize Old Miltia on sight, but I may be wrong! In any case, feel free to begin posting at any time, it's fine to assume your character was in the group all along.

The area is pretty small, as you can see, so PINpointing around it would be an exercise in Bad Idea. But if you have a PINpoint, you can retreat to the Nexus anytime. If you don't have one, you'll have to find a retreat-buddy in order to exit. ))