June 15th, 2006


Outline of fears and stuff...

...For Roger, our resident (and not exploded) homunculus.

Having experienced an existential crisis from the day he was decanted, Roger is only now beginning to feel a sense of identity and purpose in his life. His fears and guilt issues seem to center around the circumstances of his creation and reanimation, which isn't surprising.

He seems more afraid of harming/disappointing others than of dying. Letting down his teammates or being declared obsolete and ending up in a storage locker would be a worse fate than death. Restraint, imprisonment and exhaustion of power are the only things that come close to phobia for him.

Having made friends with several monstrous and nonhuman people now, he's willing to assert his value as a person, but there's still that insecurity...

Roger still feels a nagging guilt over his manipulation of Liz, but he's probably not apologizing every day for it by now.