July 2nd, 2006



This part isn't cut, because YOU REALLY NEED TO READ IT.

Because we are going to begin in THREE DAYS HOLY CRAP, i.e. July 5th, allow me to speak a little to what you will find in Walterworld. We, your humble and luvving guides, are experimenting with a new format in hopes of striking a happy balance between typical GMing ("We open the door." "You find an umbilicock!" "D:") and totally unmoderated play as seen on the multiverse comms. So here's what we're gonna do.

We are going to give you everything in advance. Maps, location descriptions, monster descriptions, puzzle clues, everything except for puzzle solutions. We will put up posts with all this information in it, but whited out. Your actions, within the world we've written up, are then entirely up to you. If you want to go to a room, simply hilite the relevant text to discover what's in there, then go describe your findings and your actions. With but a couple exceptions, you decide what attacks you, when, and where. You NPC the monster encounter for yourselves and each other, unless you want more structure, in which case you can see if one of the GMs is around to poke and request that we NPC. You move through the environment at your own pace, you are not required to visit every location on these maps. There are some places you will have to visit in order to advance, but many locations are completely optional.

You can even cheat, if you wish! If you really want to hilite and read everything, learning the locations of all keys, hints, and puzzles, it is within your power to do so. We don't recommend it, though; much less fun. ;-) Only if you're running short on time, then we may recommend that you "read ahead" and go to the "right place" so that you don't miss the conclusion.

In short, we your GMs are going to try not to GM at all, really. We are here to answer questions, to check puzzle solutions with, or to play a monster if you want us to, but we will not be directing you. This is an untested format, so there may be kinks in the system that we can work out together as we go along. We provide the building map, you provide the emotion. Happyface! :D

Some of us have played Silent Hill games, some have not. S'all good, having played Silent Hill is no prerequisite. Those who are new to the setting, though, if you'd like a little background on the look and atmosphere of the games, read on.

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If you have any questions or suggestions for your GMs or fellow players, here is a good place for them! :3