July 4th, 2006

Misao Bubble

Waiting for a change...

Misao is wide awake in her bed. She is still laying down with her sheets pulled up to her chin in hopes that she will fall asleep, but in all honesty she's slept as much as she possibly could. Aside from a few trips to the bathroom she's been in her bed for the past several days. She's lost track of exactly how many days it's been, but it's been quite awhile now.

Dr. Troy has brought her something to eat every day. Usually it's been something homemade, but occasionally she has gotten a fast food treat. Despite this, however, Misao has not gotten any better. Something about the air here makes her feel like she is choking.

Tired of sleep but unsure of what else to do, Misao simply lies awake, hoping something will change.