July 5th, 2006

Silent Hill

Skirt of Snakes

It's dusk now, and the sun is just below the horizon. The last trills from the waterbirds and thrushes' songs are dying down, and the mist is high on Lake Toluca tonight. The air is clear and fresh, if damp from the fog, and from where you are, you can see lights twinkling both to the north and south, and a lighthouse off to the west.

The island is small, with maybe the square footage of a gas station or large house. There's a wooden dock at one end, deep green algae comfortably covering the posts, but no boat is anchored. Tall pines and firs have taken root, mosses and tough-edged grass and a bed of needles covering rock beneath your feet. Upon arrival, Eileen sighs and gestured to one of the distant clusters of lights blinking blue through the fog. "Well... there you go. Silent Hill."

A bit of walking around may stir up the bed of needles enough, though, to reveal that the rock beneath them may not be so solid as you'd think. A keen eye might notice something etched into it at one point. Clearing the needlebed away would reveal a symbol about six feet from one end to another, apparently cut into the rock. A large indentation in the center of the symbol gathers shadow.

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(( OKAY FOLKS here is the last BRIEF chance for IC questions etc before dangerdanger. Leon's player is not here, but assume that Leon is. Since y'all shall be going into the fray shortly, here's whassup.

Please only read the posts that are for your team! We r trusting u!
Team 1 is the Henrys, John, Roger, and Eileen. Your post is "Vidya." Once you've completed that world, you go to the post called "Meter Oreie."
Team 2 is Abe, Derek, Lina, and Lobster. Your post is "Yam Kinneret." Once you've completed that world, you go to the post called "Uatchet."
Team 3 is Hellboy, Kate, Warren, and Leon. Your post is "Garland of Letters." Once you've completed that world, you go to the post called "Betrayal of Mistletoe."

All teams must complete an objective that will keep people alive (such as, say, "Find Liz!" or "Find a way to make sure that killing Walter doesn't kill everyone!" or "Obtain a key ritual implement to kill Walter with!") and complete your two posts by July 19th. A final event will take place on July 20th, hopefully not running over into July 21st, but that's possible.

If you have any questions, feel free to poke one of us modly types. If you'd like to have a ghost or monster NPCed, there are several of us available who you can ask at any time! NPCs are available on AIM as firestarterliz, ScaryRPer, and bekalabird. If you want an extra Walter attack, he is available on AIM as salucci123. ))