July 19th, 2006


Teams 1, 2, 3: From the Hook in the Egalgina

You find yourselves in a strange, impossible dome. Enormous, with red ribbed peeling walls and a harsh red light streaming down from a hole at the very top of the thing. Your voices echo, though your footsteps do not, and there is the loud and distracting sound of a heartbeat coming from what seems to be all sides of you. On the wall ahead of you are eight stone slabs, each with the vague shadow of a human being upon them. There are four slabs on either side of a broad, rusty set of double-doors. Written in blood across those 's heart. Daggers can be matched to ghosts by matching their numbers, or preferably, certain individuals can match their exceptional reaction to a single ghost to their exceptional reaction to a single dagger. Binding a ghost will be extremely difficult while also being affected by its aura. In other words, please don't run off perforating all the ghosts, let everyone have a chance. ;-)

Beyond the double-doors lies darkness, and multiple pathways before you. This is something of a labyrinth, of wet flesh underfoot, rusted grating and walls, and the omnipresent suffocating atmosphere. The door shuts with a clang that sounds of hollow finality as soon as all team members are inside. There may be raised or lowered levels to climb or fall into, holes in the floor that can or cannot be jumped. Some sections of the wall may be just rusted through enough that application of sufficient force could break a panel down for you to crawl through. There is no map for this area or set layout for the maze; you may choose to encounter any of your teammates and any of the ghosts at any time and in any number.

Ammunition is going to be sparse, but it's not completely impossible for you to find a clip. You're much more likely to find it if you're in serious need, and it'll always be the right caliber for your firearm. Extra ammo that appears in the area is, oddly enough, gift-wrapped. The bright shiny new paper is difficult to miss, even in these dark corridors.

Plunged into the walls, at random, throughout the area, are eight obsidian daggers. Each one has a number messily inscribed on the hilt, and some of you, upon touching one of these daggers, feels a strange sensation that can only be described as both pain and comfort, a horrible kind of familiarity.
12121 - Roger. Used on Victim 12.
13121 - Abe. Used on Victim 13.
14121 - Lobster. Used on Victim 14.
15121 - Kate. In the possession of Kate and HB.
16121 - Leon. Used on Victim 16.
17121 - Lina. Used on Victim 17.
18121 - Derek. Used on Victim 18.
19121 - Hellboy.

Walter, as well as the eight ghosts described below, are at loose within this area. The ghosts are faster and more powerful than they were when you have encountered them previously, and furthermore, a silver bullet no longer has any special effect upon them. The ghosts will attack anyone, including those attempting to perform the ritual, viciously and relentlessly until stabbed with the appropriate dagger, at which point, the ghost is permanently pinned.

One Walter has been killed and has fallen unmoving to the floor, the area will begin to collapse, and it is strongly recommended everyone then make their way to whosoever found a means to exit Walter's world before it is annihilated and takes you with it.

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EDIT: When your character has pinned their ghost and is ready to leave, SEE HERE. For anyone who'd like to RP mission aftermath, a post (with medical assistance!) is up in the 713 community, probably to be largely participated in tomorrow rather than tonight. You are not required to participate, but if you'd like your character to decompress/get wound treatment/discuss mission or otherwise with other characters/tearful reunions/etc., you are all welcome! If your character has anyone they'd call to meet them there, that can happen, too, provided the person being called is not ebil. ;-)