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Team 3: Betrayal of Mistletoe - Would You Like a Rust Sandwich? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Would You Like a Rust Sandwich?

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Team 3: Betrayal of Mistletoe [Jul. 14th, 2006|11:18 pm]
Would You Like a Rust Sandwich?


This is the second post for Hellboy, Kate, Warren, and Leon. If you are on one of the other teams, please do not read this post until the game is over! The information contained herein could give some things away!

Old Silent Hill notes
Wandering monsters are again described at the end of this post. This post needs to be completed on or before July 19th.

You begin outside of Alchemilla Hospital in the east side of Old Silent Hill. East and West Old Silent Hill are connected by a bridge.
Old Silent Hill (East) map.
Old Silent Hill (West) map.

Old Silent Hill
Outside Alchemilla Hospital
It's nighttime, and Silent Hill is living up to its name. No sound can be heard from the town except for your own footsteps on grimy pavement.

On the sidewalk is a chalk drawing of an angry-looking sun chewing on a crying stick figure of a child. Atop the drawing is a cassette player. Inserting the tape into the player, you hear what sounds like a recording of a radio talk show:
"Well folks, yesterday, summer solstice, longest hottest and sunniest day of the year saw a lot of activity locally, didn't we Tony?"

"Definitely right about that, Pat, a crime spree that police are saying, they're saying these are unrelated crimes, now, and people just tend to go a little crazier in the summer heat. What do we have here, now, uh, ah here we go. Robert Fitzpatrick, age 43, died in Brookhaven Hospital yesterday, police say he was stabbed six times by a delirious roommate who mistook Fitzpatrick for his daughter-in-law. Ouch. In Lakeside Amusement Park, Carrie Stanz, age 13, became separated from her school group, and anonymous reports tell us she was accosted and sexually assaulted by a park employee. Just goes to show, folks, never trust a clown! (beeping noise, hosts laugh) Teenagers! A group of teenagers, reportedly intoxicated, pushed over and shattered tombstones in our very own Cemetary last night at around two in the morning, and one of them was subsequently arrested there for indecent public exposure. Way to go, kids. Pat, you take a couple, this is just depressing."

"All right! Hmmm, let's see, oh, here's a good one! Police this morning found the decaying body of one Eleanor Marie Cappaletti, age 27, on the shore of Toluca Island. Reports say that she died of strangulation and posthumously suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the face and chest, and her darling fiancee is currently the number one suspect after police learned of a phone call he made to a friend in which he accused her of sexual indiscretions. Unfortunately for her grieving family, surprise surprise, her darling fiancee's body was also found in his apartment this morning! An apparent suicide. I don't have any notes here on the method, but apparently, there are pictures already up on the internet, and it was gruesome, ladies and gentlemen. Jimmy Marine was transported to Alchemilla Hospital, where he died. See ya in Hell, Jimbo! What else, what else... John Doe, unidentified hobo, dead in Rosewater Park, blah blah blah, oh, here we go! 23-year old Darius Boca attempted to rob 16-year old Derek Jensen at knifepoint as Derek was waiting for his father to pick him up from choir practice at Balkan Church yesterday. When Jensen proved not to have any money, Boca assaulted him, stabbing him twice in the chest. Neighbors witnessed the attack, but declined to call the police until five minutes after Boca had already made his hasty retreat. Nice going there, everyone. I think that's enough for this morning, don't you?"

"Pretty much, Pat. Always glad to be a member of the human race on a day like this!"

The Streets of Silent Hill
The shops and houses look as though they haven't seen human activity in many years. Paint is cracked and peeling from the walls, and a layer of dust is settled over the doorknobs. Most of the buildings cannot be entered; windows are boarded up, and door locks are jammed. In some cases, the doors even seem to have melded oddly with their frames. The streets are impassable at some points as noted on the map, blocked off by impossibly tall chain link fence and razor wire.

Toy Shop
A few small mannequins hang on strings from the ceiling in such a way that they seem to be pointed at you as you enter. A whole row of cotton-stuffed dolls in blue dresses have had their heads torn off. A small knife sits amongst a cluster of sad-faced clown dolls.

The Bridge
The bridge is lowered, and easy to pass over. If you should look over the sides, though, you will see no water. Instead of a tributary, it seems to be suspended over endless darkness.

Pet Shop
Cages that once contained cats, birds, hamsters and mice are all empty with no evidence that they were ever used. Several large wire cages intended for dogs, though, are still occupied even now. Rotting Sniffer dogs lie dead in each and every one, riddled with bullets, and the floor is sticky with their blood.

Balkan Church Exterior
On the large double doors to the ordinary-looking Balkan Church are drawn two things. The first is an angry-looking sun, pointing and smiling maliciously at you. The second is a bit of verse:
"Transgressions committed
are forgiven within.
To unlock sweet redemption,
consult the landscape of sin.

Neither motive nor measure,
nor method nor victim,
but places left tainted
are your order and dictum."
Next to the door is a keypad, the standard 3x3 with numbers 1-9. A little sun is drawn on its side. Check your puzzle solutions with a GM to determine if the doors open.

Balkan Church
The entryway of the church is dim and dark, empty space whistling in the air of a high, vaulted ceiling. There is a font of what was once holy water, perhaps, but it is dried up, only black stains streaking the stone bowl. A number of paintings line the walls, but they are so worn and stained their subjects are difficult to discern. One features a hulking red figure; no amount of weathering can obscure its bulk. Across the way the portrait is even more smeared; the only discernible object is a wavering halo of flame. There is another door, leading to the Hallway.

The hallway looks quite plain, if lightless and unkempt like everywhere else in this town. There are two doors along each side, and large double-doors at the far end. On the four smaller doors are written, "Sisters," "Brothers," "Fathers," and "Daughters." On the double-doors are written "Mothers" and "Suns." The "Fathers" door is locked, the other four doors are unlocked.

Apparently the bedroom of some member of the church clergy. The closet does not contain priestly smocks or habits or anything so familiar, but strange red and white robes. Hanging on the wall is an oil painting of a pregnant young woman with shoulder-length dark hair and a corona about her head. She's chained to a wall by her hands and feet and is on fire, some flesh reddened and blackened, but oddly, looks blissfully happy about it. A bronze plaque at the bottom reads, "Holy Mother." Someone has slashed the painting from one corner to another.

This seems to be a priest's study, but all the pages in the books are torn out and missing, and the desk is smashed into a million pieces, as though dropped from a great height or as though someone spent several hours on it with an axe.

This seems to be one half of a confessional, the half intended for a penitent rather than the clergyman. The grated window to the other half is shut tight, and hanging above it is not a cross, but a symbol that looks like an open eye. The symbol itself seems to be bleeding, a slow lazy drop that runs down the wall and lands with a patter on the handle to the sliding confessional window.

"Mothers and Suns"
Beyond the double-doors is the church sanctuary. It's cramped and claustrophobic; you seem to jostle against each other even when you are far apart. It’s an odd quirk of perception—from the outside it looked broad, even roomy. Many of the pews have been overturned, making picking a path difficult. The only light in the room is a dull, watery glow over the altar, on which rests a book. The book with a marked off page which reads:
"Bless my mouth that these words read
offer passage free from dread

Bless my eyes that they may see
the veils shall be as glass to me

Bless my ears that they may hear
the silence in the spaces clear

Bless my hands that they may reach
the walls of other planes to breach

Bless my feet that they may walk
between the worlds, safe paths unlock

Bless my mind, Lord keep me sane
protect this traveller from all pain

All these things shall come to me
if Thou seest fit, provide the key."
An explanation beneath the verse is written in Latin, proclaiming this to be an incantation which will open a path between spirit world and the real world, provided one has a sacred object with such a portaling power in one's possession to focus the incantation upon.

Picking the book up feels like pulling an object from tar, and when it is freed, the room seems to shift and swirl around you. There is no sound, no light, but somehow everything seems loud and disorienting. Eventually the chaos builds to a frenzy and the walls ceiling and floor themselves begin to change. Long, wooden arms, patterned with wiry sinew and pulsing veins reach out to swipe and strike at you and your team members. These arms can be cut away, but more will always be produced. This "monster" will be more difficult to battle than any of the others encountered thus far.
Every so often, a bubbling sound preceeds a shrieking face appearing on a wall, floor, or ceiling amidst the arms. This is only visible for a short time, and then it sinks back into the surface it came from. Silencing its shriek—which means destruction of the face—will calm down the maelstrom and end the battle.

When all is returned to relative ‘peace’ the altar itself will sink into the floor, revealing a doorway behind it, to a secret room. This room contains another altar, but it isn’t nearly as benign as the one previous. The surface of the altar itself is splattered in red and thick, black sludge. An overturned goblet drips what appears to be spilled blood. Just beyond the altar looms a hole, about four feet in diameter and ringed with symbols written in red. Its darkness is endless, and you cannot see the bottom.

We strongly recommend against passing through this hole without a way to exit the world. And hopefully by now, it is July 19th. Please inform the GMs when your characters use the hole, and congratulations, you have completed your two worlds!

Enter THE HOLE? [yes] [no]

All monsters can be killed. If you want to go for extra atmosphere, monsters may get back up again after being knocked down unless you stomp them good. ;-)

Appearance: A large odd-looking fleshy creature, with semi-hardened skin in some places, and exposed wiry musculature in others. It has oversized hands for feet, and there's just a lump where its head should be. Its actual head, with a contorted human face, takes the place of a lower torso. It groans occasionally as it moves, and when it's struck.
Movement: It gets around using its oversized hands, and has no problem balancing on one to take a swipe with the other. It can "sprint" at the same speed that a person can.
Attacks: It attacks by striking the target with one of its oversized hands, and packs a surprising amount of strength in the blow. Note that, because it attacks with what is effectively a leg, it cannot attack while on the move.
Defenses: Its skin is somewhat hardened, deflecting some blunt melee blows. It takes a lot of damage to take it down.
Probable Location: On the streets.

Gumhead (Grey or Red)
Appearance: It stands about 5'5'' and looks and sounds apelike. Its flesh seems to be rotting, and some of them have a second face apparently trying to emerge from its neck. Some of them carry long blunt weapons, lead pipes or branches or golf clubs or the like. Often appear in groups of 2-4.
Movement: They walk on two legs like a human, awkward-looking but surprisingly nimble on their feet. You can outrun them, but they're pretty good at dodging hits.
Attacks: Attacks with its blunt weapon, or just trying to pummel you with its hands. They're quiet adept at stealing a melee weapon from your hands and turning it against you.
Defenses: Tough to get solid hits on in melee, and because of its jerky movements, it's hard to shoot consistently. It takes a fair beating to take one down.
Probable Location: Anywhere.

Appearance: A bat-like creature with a long sharp beak. Its wingspan is about two handspans, and it sounds like a buzzing insect as it flies. Tends to hide in a shadowy spot, in a corner or under an awning, until you pass by. They usually come in groups of 3-6.
Movement: Flies, but isn't very agile in the air.
Attacks: Scrapes or gashes you with its hooked proboscis as it flies by. Not very damaging.
Defenses: One blow is enough to elicit a bird-like screech and take it out.
Probable Location: On the streets.

Sniffer Dog
Appearance: Patches of it have fur, but the rest looks as though it's had its skin carefully stripped away. Its long tongue drags along the ground, and it's often found feeding on the corpses of dead Sniffers. Tend to appear in packs of 2-3.
Movement: Just like normal dogs. Very difficult to outrun.
Attacks: Mostly biting, sometimes clawing as well.
Defenses: A couple of blows are enough to take it down.
Probable Location: On the streets, and in the Pet Shop.

Although appearance, speed, and power vary by Victim, all ghosts behave essentially alike.
Appearance: Ghosts make low strange moaning noises from time to time, but are otherwise silent.
Movement: Ghosts float, sometimes just above ground, sometimes well above it. They can pass through walls, but it's a difficult process. They must struggle to pull themselves through, leaving trails behind them of what looks like molasses (see linked image). For this reason, most ghosts will not bother to pursue you if you go to another location.
Attacks: -An "aura of damage" surrounds all ghosts. If you are within about ten feet of the ghost, it begins to affect you, growing stronger the closer to the ghost that you are. Your life begins to literally leave you. This manifests as a feeling of weakness, red and blurred vision, a buzzing or ringing in your ears, and a headache so powerful that it can effectively paralyze you at close range to the ghost. Any open wounds that you have may begin to bleed badly, and you feel cold. A healthy person exposed to this effect uninterrupted for about three minutes, dies. If you are wearing a Saint Medallion, however, the effect on you is completely negated.
-The voluntary attack that ghosts use is to reach into your chest cavity and constrict your heart, paralyzing you and causing more and more harm the longer the contact is maintained. Sometimes this attack causes blood to appear over the entry point, but it does not actually cause a wound. Ghosts are reluctant to touch you if you're wearing a Saint Medallion.
Defenses: Ghosts cannot die. Dealing a sufficient amount of melee damage will cause them to fall to the ground and be inactive for about 15 seconds. Usually, this takes the equivalent of several axe blows, or a full clip of regular ammunition. Shooting a ghost with a single silver bullet causes them to the ground and writhe, gasping and making a strange sucking noise, for about 30 seconds.

Victim 01
Appearance: A tall bald man, dripping and decaying, in tattered black clothes.
Attacks: His "aura" and physical attack are the weakest of the ghosts, and he's not very fast, either.
Probable Location: In Balkan Church.

Victim 12
Appearance: A teenage boy in a brown beanie hat, his head slowly wobbles from side-to-side in an unnatural way.
Attacks: His attacks deal moderate damage, but he's not very aggressive.
Probable Location: On the streets.

Victim 14
Appearance: A man in a brown sweater. Sometimes, as he reaches for you, you can hear the sound of bones wetly cracking.
Attacks: Quite aggressive, and his "aura" saps life more quickly than those of the previous ghosts.
Probable Location: In Balkan Church.

Victim 17
Appearance: A young man perpetually on fire, writhing in agony. If you're wearing a Saint Medallion, the fire that covers him dies down a bit. He holds a broken metal chalice in one hand.
Attacks: Victim 17 can use the jagged chalice as a gashing weapon in addition to the usual attacks. He's somewhat slow, and his heart-constricting attack causes moderate damage, but his aura is unusually powerful. Additionally, the flames can and will burn those who fight him at close range, even those who are usually impervious to fire.
Probable Location: In Balkan Church.

Victim 18
Appearance: A fat balding shirtless man with the numbers "18121" carved into his bulging stomach. His eyes are white and rolled back in his head, and he sometimes sings a garbled, eerie, warbling wordless song. He sometimes appears wielding a nightstick.
Attacks: Very slow, but his attacks are very powerful, and it takes a lot of damage to take him down.
Probable Location: In Balkan Church.

[User Picture]From: bprds_righthand
2006-07-17 06:59 am (UTC)

Re: Old Silent Hill - The Pet Shop

"Crap. I don't think we've been enough places for that... "
Hellboy thinks for a minute, his hand moving up to pull at the samurai-knot of hair at the back of his neck as a nervous habit.
"Jeez... Maybe the stuff on that tape? I mean, there were a lot of places listed with the crimes, right? Sounded pretty 'tainted' t'me."

He was really hoping he could avoid puzzles this time. Enigmas and riddles aren't really his strong suit.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
From: nocurseddoilies
2006-07-17 08:33 am (UTC)

Re: Old Silent Hill - The Pet Shop

"It certainly sounds like that," Kate says.

Fighting, she sucks at. Puzzles, however, are something she can do.

"What were the places that were mentioned? Brookhaven Hospital, Lakeside Amusement Park, the cemetary, Toula Island..." She's speaking quickly, ticking the places off on her fingers as she names them. Kate has a very good memory. "A park... Rosewater Park? Alchemilla Hospital, we've been there already. Balkan Church."
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: governmentninja
2006-07-17 08:56 am (UTC)

Re: Old Silent Hill - Balkan Church Exterior

Leon pulled out the map that they found at the hospital. He pulled out a pen as well, and began to circle spots on the map as Kate rattled them off.

"Ok, so that gives us... seven locations." Leon looked at the map again, then at the keypad. The places on the map didn't seem to correspond to any particular numbers.

"Ok, now what?" He looked over again for signs of Walter. "I don't care how crazy it is, if you have any ideas at all, speak up."
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: venus_afflicted
2006-07-17 09:11 pm (UTC)

Re: Old Silent Hill - Balkan Church Exterior

Warren's pacing, biting at his lip. Pausing, he looks over Leon's shoulder before moving to look at the rhyme again. Reading it softly, starting his pacing again.

"Are there addresses on the map?" No, that didn't make sense. Did amusement parks even have street address?

He looked again. "Maybe it's one. Just one cause the whole damn place is tainted. Silent fucking hill.' Making a face, peering again before looking at the keypad and then looking back. "Are the highways numbered? All the main roads that they're on?"
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: bprds_righthand
2006-07-17 10:38 pm (UTC)

Re: Old Silent Hill - Balkan Church Exterior

"Jeez... Order the crimes happened? Though..guess we don't know that for all of 'em..."
There is nothing about this town that isn't infuriating. HB squints at the map over Leon's shoulder and sneers. It's all greek to him...except he'd actually get somewhere if it was just written in Greek.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
From: nocurseddoilies
2006-07-17 11:00 pm (UTC)

Re: Old Silent Hill - Balkan Church Exterior

Kate cranes her neck for a look at the map.

"Look at their locations on the map," she says. "Look how they line up."

She reaches over to trace invisible lines on the map with her finger, dividing it into a three-by-three grid.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: governmentninja
2006-07-17 11:11 pm (UTC)

Re: Old Silent Hill - Balkan Church Exterior

Well... Leon doesn't have a better plan. He drew lines on the map, marking it off into a 3x3 grid.

"Hn... ok. So if 'places left tainted are [our] order and dictum'..."

He played the tape again, numbering the locations as they were mentioned on the tape. "then.... '7194685' would be the code."
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: venus_afflicted
2006-07-17 11:24 pm (UTC)

Re: Old Silent Hill - Balkan Church Exterior

If he kept pacing, he was going to wear a hole in the steps. Course, Warren's first thought was to burn the door down but, well, burning churchs brought up some thoughts that he really, really didn't need to be having right now. Yep, last thing he needed was to have him relating Silent Hill to a situation that was stimulating for him.

Stupid teenage hormones.

Still bouncing on the balls of his feet, he tapped in that code. And nothing happened.

"Uhmm, Chief? You fucked it up somewhere. Wanna try again?' Snarky tones, turning to look from Kate to Leon. "You wanna give it a go, Babe?"
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
From: nocurseddoilies
2006-07-17 11:40 pm (UTC)

Re: Old Silent Hill - Balkan Church Exterior

Kate frowns at the map, then at the keypad. (She's even too preoccupied to take notice at being called "babe" again, although if she did, that would probably put a similarly perplexed frown on her face.)

Then her eyes widen a little bit. Oh, for...

She steps forward. "Inset," she says simply.

She says the code aloud now as she punches it in.

"7195382. There, let's see..."

She feels a little swell of pride as the door opens. She's not completely useless, then. Just mostly useless.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: governmentninja
2006-07-17 11:44 pm (UTC)

Balkan Church - Entryway

Leon looks at the map again.

Well... shit.

"Good catch."

With the door open, Leon put the map away and stepped inside, drawing his gun.

The entryway of the church is dim and dark, empty space whistling in the air of a high, vaulted ceiling. There is a font of what was once holy water, perhaps, but it is dried up, only black stains streaking the stone bowl. A number of paintings line the walls, but they are so worn and stained their subjects are difficult to discern. One features a hulking red figure; no amount of weathering can obscure its bulk. Across the way the portrait is even more smeared; the only discernible object is a wavering halo of flame. There is another door, leading to the Hallway.

Leon just glanced at the art as he passed, then headed towards the hall.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: venus_afflicted
2006-07-18 12:14 am (UTC)

Re: Balkan Church - Entryway

Following him in, Warren fights the urge to cross himself. Which sucked because the only time he ever had that urge was when he was with Jean-Paul in a church and that was shit he didn't need in his head.

Moving slowly, looking up and down the pews, ignoring the art after a cursory glance. Except the one, the one in red. "The Church of Hellboy,' he mutters questioningly, trailing after Leon.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: bprds_righthand
2006-07-18 12:29 am (UTC)

Re: Balkan Church - Entryway

Hellboy stares at the obscured image of the painting for a moment; at the faceless red figure there. His eyes narrow on it as Warren speaks.

"I really hate this place..."

..It vent its rage against the people until it was covered in their blood..
HB closes his eyes and shakes his head before following after Leon. There are things he doesn't need to think about right now.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)