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Team 2: Uatchet

This is the second post for Abe, Derek, Lina, and Lobster. If you are on one of the other teams, please do not read this post until the game is over! The information contained herein could give some things away!

Forest World notes
Your characters begin at the location marked "Start." Map key is as before, and wandering monsters are at the bottom of this post.

Important! This world needs to be competed before July 20th. We strongly recommend against leaving Forest World without a certain key ingredient for the purification ritual. You can leave without it if you wish, but then everybody will literally die in the final battle, so! >.>

Forest World Map

Entry Point
Oddly enough, even though you were certainly in a massive structure just a moment ago, walking outside and looking back, you see a squat round stone building situated in the trees, no more than two or three stories tall.

The trees in the forest are thick, tall and, unsurprisingly, dark. When passing under them, whatever light there is from the night sky completely fails to filter through. Wisps of fog hang like shrouds, and strange cackles and hoots drift out from the trees. Foul smelling, greasy gray sludge bursts from swollen bark; the veins of the leaves on these trees are oddly black; clean spots are generally obscured by red, spidery writing. The writing is incomprehensible.

These areas are thickly infested; if trees are hit by blades or bullets during the course of fighting or for another reason cut, fat, writhing leeches spill out and swarm over the ground, or perhaps a thick swarm of Hummers; or perhaps simply more of that grey ooze, running like an infection, and as warm as pus spilled from a human body.

In the woods just short of a set of large buildings, there is a dark well. Shining the flashlight into it does even less than usual; the light is swallowed immediately.

The factory has clearly not been in use in quite some time. It appears at first to be completely abandoned; the usual rust, rot and creeping decay are more pervasive here than ever. It’s an unpleasant place to be, but gradually the sounds of whirring machinery and slicing blades make it apparent that it’s also rapidly becoming increasingly dangerous. Drills jut at random, awkward levels, hissing blades spin along and across the floor in malevolent, chaotic, paths. Most of the machinery, in addition, trembles and wheezes and spasms, as though it could fly apart at any moment.

A glance overhead will confirm, if anyone had any doubt, that this factory was not, for instance, producing canned peaches. Giant, rusty hooks hold a large variety of limbs and organs, some of them distinctly animal, some distinctly human, some things it doesn’t bear thinking about. Occasional drips of blood drip down onto your party and into the machines with a sizzling hiss.

Assume machinery here can and will, if you like, injure your characters in a slice and dicey fashion.

Upon exiting the factory, you become aware of a sound that should appear strangely familiar, but in this quiet, sullen atmosphere it is upon first listen completely alien. As you move closer you will discover that a car has been left running for some time along the side of the path. All its doors are open and lights on, but they are rapidly dimming, and the motor is coughing in a stubborn effort to continue working. A rusty, blood-stained axe has been jammed into a nearby log.

A slip of white paper is visible under the left windshield wiper. Upon closer inspection, it reads:
"May 5
Mitchell is still throwing up. You can put him in a bathtub for a while, it makes it easier to clean up, but if he's in there for too long he starts making noise and all the kids get rowdy.
Speaking of which. Gennie must have held onto some paints from when they did the fence the other day, she made a mess all over the bathroom. Passed her off to DeSalvo at 14:00, he'll bring her back when she's ready to ask forgiveness and clean up her mess. I didn't have time today, but it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to show the kids what she did and tell them where she went, or they'll never learn.
God Bless."

Mother Stone
Traveling further along this path leads to a fenced off clearing, at the center of which is a large, mottled grey boulder. There is a strange depression on the front face of the stone, and looking directly at it for too long raises the hair on the back of one’s neck. There’s no direct malevolence about the stone, just a great deal of strange, not-belonging-ness. An elaborate display of candles is set in the ground and a few wooden fences around the stone.

In the woods just beyond the strange stone, there is a dark well. Shining the flashlight into it does even less than usual; the light is swallowed immediately.

Wish House (Exterior)
The exterior of Wish House appears to have been constructed of rough-hewn wood, the sort of building those waiting for the apocalypse tend to do. A drooping sign near the front of the building reads:
Silent Hill Smile Support Society"

The front door is accessed by a sagging front porch covered in graffiti, drawn in thick black crayon, clearly by the hand of a child. The scenes depicted there are not particular graphic or violent, but they are born of innate misery and loss. The small figure of a child huddles in a corner while two larger figures far off make angry gestures at one another, punctuated by motion lines and angry red slashes. A small face gapes in terror from behind the fingers of a giant hand, mouth a wide, hollow O. Etched into the door itself is another drawing, this again of a little boy clearly caught in the throes of pain and terror. The monster menacing him is frantic, angry layers of black; the only discernible feature is a mouth full of teeth like bright white knives.

Surrounding the house itself are jagged and broken-down playground equipment - swings, a slide, a seesaw - and a tall fence that encloses the area and is covered in more childish drawings.

In the woods just short of a door set into a rocky hillside, there is a dark well. Shining the flashlight into it does even less than usual; the light is swallowed immediately.

Passing through the mine bears little visual significance, as it is entirely pitch black. The beam of the flashlight is swallowed almost instantly; you can see where to put your feet and little more.
Low crashes, bangs, and completely alien growls and shrieks often issue forth from the darkness, though they have no discernible source, and no attacker comes forward.

Toluca Lake Overlook
A handy sign hanging on the fence here will inform you that is in fact Toluca Lake. The water itself is dark, rolling silently in greater darkness. The fog over the lake is nearly thick enough to be liquid itself. It's a bit of a steep and rocky slope to get down to the lakeside, but it could be managed.

Many of the stones here are cracked or falling over; those still standing stick out like jagged teeth. One open grave will unleash a swarm of hummers if disturbed. It contains a cracked-open and unoccupied coffin with the numbers "11121" scratched into it, and the tombstone reads the name of your enemy here, "Walter Sullivan."

A small clump of graves in one corner bears a number of unusual epitaphs.
‘I couldn’t help them.’ ‘Where are you’ ‘Alone’ And the last, simply, ‘The lake is cold.’ Once the inscriptions have been read, the now familiar headache and red glow begin to seep into your vision. Victim 13 rises up and will attack very aggressively, but not pursue you beyond the bounds of the graveyard.

Wish House, Foyer
This was once a simple sitting room; a few battered, scarred child-size desks and chairs dot the room at various intervals. Lines of mold and decay streak the ceiling and walls, lichen and fungi peeping out of cracks and corners.
At first glance it appears, impossibly, that a light snow has fallen over the room. A second glance reveals that the entire surface is covered in tiny scraps of paper, a great storm of debris. If you choose to look at any of the scraps, they contain only fragments ‘despair for the receiver,’ ‘separate from the flesh,’ ‘sin’s temptation,’ ‘darkness and void.’
One piece of paper is intact: "May 12
Today is punishment day for Danny, he did terribly on his recitation of his prayers.
Gennie painted back over some of her graffiti in red this morning. Try keeping her in the basement this time. I'll bring ice in from town tomorrow for her face.
God Bless."

Wish House, Upstairs, Boys' Bedroom
The little bedroom is sparse and desolate, void of toys or any personal effects. A number of suspicious dark stains are smeared on the floor by one wall, and broken glass is scattered in amongst the marks. Despite the fact that from outside there were clearly windows in some of the upper rooms, there are none to be found on this side of the wall. There's a piece of paper on one of the desks: "May 10
Gennie's back but she's on probation. Walter's prayer recitation went poorly, they needed the cell open for him. Gennie fasts and gets no privileges until she's made amends. We're out of stew. Sister Ursula wants to lead the children in prayer tonight, I said okay.
God Bless."

Wish House, Upstairs, Girls' Bedroom
This little room is as featureless as the last bedroom; narrow bed, small closet, door hanging open to display the tattered, colorless ribbons of a few small dresses. On the bed lies a daisy-chain of paper dolls, beaming enormous, cheerful grins up at you. The only problem there is that the heads are sitting in a neat pile several inches away from the strip of bodies.

Wish House, Southeast Room (without the key)
The bathing area at Wish House features a great number of tubs lined up like loaves of bread. The order of the day, as per usual, is rust and rot, great streaks of the strange, dull brown into which all bodily matter eventually fades—blood, flesh, hair, all returning to the same roots.
One wall and several of the tubs have been taken over by frantic writing, long lines of text struck against those surfaces in thick, determined hand. Most of the letters are black, but some stand out in yellow and red, strange and sharp against the dull surface of the wall. There is a keyhole in the "o" of the word "Mother." Check with a GM if you think you know where the key is.

There's a piece of paper in one of the tubs: "May 14
The prison staff called last night, Mitchell had gone to God before sunrise. If the children ask after him, say no more than that, and remind them that God perceives all wickedness.
Gennie painted over more letters, I think she might have used vomit. Tell DeSalvo to pick her the fuck up already, would you?
God Bless."

Wish House, Southeast Room (with the key)
When you return with the key, the wall has changed: The keyhole remains in the "o" of "Mother." Inserting the key causes the wall to swing inward, a secret door to the southwest room on the map.

The southwest room is very simple. There is a low-set table with a bloody knife set on it, possibly some kind of altar. And there is a hole in the wall, about four feet in diameter, with unreadable red symbols written around it. We strongly recommend against passing through this hole without a certain key ingredient for the purification ritual, or after July 19th. Please inform the GMs when your characters use the hole, and congratulations, you have completed your two worlds!

Enter The Hole? [yes] [no]

All monsters can be killed. If you want to go for extra atmosphere, monsters may get back up again after being knocked down unless you stomp them good. ;-)

Appearance: A large odd-looking fleshy creature, with semi-hardened skin in some places, and exposed wiry musculature in others. It has oversized hands for feet, and there's just a lump where its head should be. Its actual head, with a contorted human face, takes the place of a lower torso. It groans occasionally as it moves, and when it's struck.
Movement: It gets around using its oversized hands, and has no problem balancing on one to take a swipe with the other. It can "sprint" at the same speed that a person can.
Attacks: It attacks by striking the target with one of its oversized hands, and packs a surprising amount of strength in the blow. Note that, because it attacks with what is effectively a leg, it cannot attack while on the move.
Defenses: Its skin is somewhat hardened, deflecting some blunt melee blows. It takes a lot of damage to take it down.
Probable Location: Anywhere.

Gumhead (Grey or Red)
Appearance: It stands about 5'5'' and looks and sounds apelike. Its flesh seems to be rotting, and some of them have a second face apparently trying to emerge from its neck. Some of them carry long blunt weapons, lead pipes or branches or golf clubs or the like. Often appear in groups of 2-4.
Movement: They walk on two legs like a human, awkward-looking but surprisingly nimble on their feet. You can outrun them, but they're pretty good at dodging hits.
Attacks: Attacks with its blunt weapon, or just trying to pummel you with its hands. They're quiet adept at stealing a melee weapon from your hands and turning it against you.
Defenses: Tough to get solid hits on in melee, and because of its jerky movements, it's hard to shoot consistently. It takes a fair beating to take one down.
Probable Location: Anywhere.

Appearance: A bat-like creature with a long sharp beak. Its wingspan is about two handspans, and it sounds like a buzzing insect as it flies. Tends to hide in a shadowy spot, in a corner or under an awning, until you pass by. They usually come in groups of 3-6.
Movement: Flies, but isn't very agile in the air.
Attacks: Scrapes or gashes you with its hooked proboscis as it flies by. Not very damaging.
Defenses: One blow is enough to elicit a bird-like screech and take it out.
Probable Location: Anywhere.

Sniffer Dog
Appearance: Patches of it have fur, but the rest looks as though it's had its skin carefully stripped away. Its long tongue drags along the ground, and it's often found feeding on the corpses of dead Sniffers. Tend to appear in packs of 2-3.
Movement: Just like normal dogs. Very difficult to outrun.
Attacks: Mostly biting, sometimes clawing as well.
Defenses: A couple of blows are enough to take it down.
Probable Location: Anywhere.

Tremer (Red or Blue)
Appearance: A leech, bluish or reddish in color. Varies in size from a few inches long to about the size of a small dog. There tend to be about a dozen of them in a location if they're there, and they especially will cluster around and feed upon the corpses of dead monsters.
Movement: It can inch along the walls, floor, or ceiling, leaving a trail of slime. Sometimes it loses its grip on the ceiling and falls to the floor, or onto you if you're unlucky.
Attacks: It may sluggishly try to latch onto exposed skin for a feeding.
Defenses: One blow causes it to splatter.
Probable Location: Inside trees.

Although appearance, speed, and power vary by Victim, all ghosts behave essentially alike.
Appearance: Ghosts make low strange moaning noises from time to time, but are otherwise silent.
Movement: Ghosts float, sometimes just above ground, sometimes well above it. They can pass through walls, but it's a difficult process. They must struggle to pull themselves through, leaving trails behind them of what looks like molasses (see linked image). For this reason, most ghosts will not bother to pursue you if you go to another location.
Attacks: -An "aura of damage" surrounds all ghosts. If you are within about ten feet of the ghost, it begins to affect you, growing stronger the closer to the ghost that you are. Your life begins to literally leave you. This manifests as a feeling of weakness, red and blurred vision, a buzzing or ringing in your ears, and a headache so powerful that it can effectively paralyze you at close range to the ghost. Any open wounds that you have may begin to bleed badly, and you feel cold. A healthy person exposed to this effect uninterrupted for about three minutes, dies. If you are wearing a Saint Medallion, however, the effect on you is completely negated.
-The voluntary attack that ghosts use is to reach into your chest cavity and constrict your heart, paralyzing you and causing more and more harm the longer the contact is maintained. Sometimes this attack causes blood to appear over the entry point, but it does not actually cause a wound. Ghosts are reluctant to touch you if you're wearing a Saint Medallion.
Defenses: Ghosts cannot die. Dealing a sufficient amount of melee damage will cause them to fall to the ground and be inactive for about 15 seconds. Usually, this takes the equivalent of several axe blows, or a full clip of regular ammunition. Shooting a ghost with a single silver bullet causes them to the ground and writhe, gasping and making a strange sucking noise, for about 30 seconds.

Victim 04
Appearance: A balding middle-aged man, wearing blue suspender trousers that are falling off one side. He carries a trowel.
Attacks: Victim 04 can use his trowel as a weapon in addition to normal ghost attacks. He prefers digging at one's face or chest with it. The damage inflicted by his "aura" and heart-constricting attacks are average.
Probable Location: Anywhere.

Victim 12
Appearance: A teenage boy in a brown beanie hat, his head slowly wobbles from side-to-side in an unnatural way.
Attacks: His attacks deal moderate damage, but he's not very aggressive.
Probable Location: Anywhere.

Victim 13
Appearance: A middle-aged woman who makes gurgling noises sometimes. When she's knocked down, dark water sometimes bubbles up out of her nose and mouth.
Attacks: She's quite slow, and her aura causes minimal damage. Her heart-constricting attack is unusually powerful, though.
Probable Location: The Graveyard and Toluca Lake Overlook.

Victim 14
Appearance: A man in a brown sweater. Sometimes, as he reaches for you, you can hear the sound of bones wetly cracking.
Attacks: Quite aggressive, and his "aura" saps life more quickly than those of the previous ghosts.
Probable Location: Near Wish House.

Victim 17
Appearance: A young man perpetually on fire, writhing in agony. If you're wearing a Saint Medallion, the fire that covers him dies down a bit. He holds a broken metal chalice in one hand.
Attacks: Victim 17 can use the jagged chalice as a gashing weapon in addition to the usual attacks. He's somewhat slow, and his heart-constricting causes moderate damage, but his aura is unusually powerful. Additionally, the flames can and will burn those who fight him at close range, even those who are usually impervious to fire.
Probable Location: He will persistently pursue you throughout Forest World. Highly likely to appear at the Mother Stone and by the unmanned car.
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