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Would You Like a Rust Sandwich? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Would You Like a Rust Sandwich?

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Teams 1, 2, 3: From the Hook in the Egalgina [Jul. 19th, 2006|05:03 pm]
Would You Like a Rust Sandwich?


You find yourselves in a strange, impossible dome. Enormous, with red ribbed peeling walls and a harsh red light streaming down from a hole at the very top of the thing. Your voices echo, though your footsteps do not, and there is the loud and distracting sound of a heartbeat coming from what seems to be all sides of you. On the wall ahead of you are eight stone slabs, each with the vague shadow of a human being upon them. There are four slabs on either side of a broad, rusty set of double-doors. Written in blood across those 's heart. Daggers can be matched to ghosts by matching their numbers, or preferably, certain individuals can match their exceptional reaction to a single ghost to their exceptional reaction to a single dagger. Binding a ghost will be extremely difficult while also being affected by its aura. In other words, please don't run off perforating all the ghosts, let everyone have a chance. ;-)

Beyond the double-doors lies darkness, and multiple pathways before you. This is something of a labyrinth, of wet flesh underfoot, rusted grating and walls, and the omnipresent suffocating atmosphere. The door shuts with a clang that sounds of hollow finality as soon as all team members are inside. There may be raised or lowered levels to climb or fall into, holes in the floor that can or cannot be jumped. Some sections of the wall may be just rusted through enough that application of sufficient force could break a panel down for you to crawl through. There is no map for this area or set layout for the maze; you may choose to encounter any of your teammates and any of the ghosts at any time and in any number.

Ammunition is going to be sparse, but it's not completely impossible for you to find a clip. You're much more likely to find it if you're in serious need, and it'll always be the right caliber for your firearm. Extra ammo that appears in the area is, oddly enough, gift-wrapped. The bright shiny new paper is difficult to miss, even in these dark corridors.

Plunged into the walls, at random, throughout the area, are eight obsidian daggers. Each one has a number messily inscribed on the hilt, and some of you, upon touching one of these daggers, feels a strange sensation that can only be described as both pain and comfort, a horrible kind of familiarity.
12121 - Roger. Used on Victim 12.
13121 - Abe. Used on Victim 13.
14121 - Lobster. Used on Victim 14.
15121 - Kate. In the possession of Kate and HB.
16121 - Leon. Used on Victim 16.
17121 - Lina. Used on Victim 17.
18121 - Derek. Used on Victim 18.
19121 - Hellboy.

Walter, as well as the eight ghosts described below, are at loose within this area. The ghosts are faster and more powerful than they were when you have encountered them previously, and furthermore, a silver bullet no longer has any special effect upon them. The ghosts will attack anyone, including those attempting to perform the ritual, viciously and relentlessly until stabbed with the appropriate dagger, at which point, the ghost is permanently pinned.

One Walter has been killed and has fallen unmoving to the floor, the area will begin to collapse, and it is strongly recommended everyone then make their way to whosoever found a means to exit Walter's world before it is annihilated and takes you with it.

Although appearance, speed, and power vary by Victim, all ghosts behave essentially alike.
Appearance: Ghosts make low strange moaning noises from time to time, but are otherwise silent.
Movement: Ghosts float, sometimes just above ground, sometimes well above it. They can pass through walls, but it's a difficult process. They must struggle to pull themselves through, leaving trails behind them of what looks like molasses (see linked image).
Attacks: -An "aura of damage" surrounds all ghosts. If you are within about ten feet of the ghost, it begins to affect you, growing stronger the closer to the ghost that you are. Your life begins to literally leave you. This manifests as a feeling of weakness, red and blurred vision, a buzzing or ringing in your ears, and a headache so powerful that it can effectively paralyze you at close range to the ghost. Any open wounds that you have may begin to bleed badly, and you feel cold. A healthy person exposed to this effect uninterrupted for about three minutes, dies. If you are wearing a Saint Medallion, however, the effect on you is completely negated, though the Medallion will break after a minute or so of total exposure.
-The voluntary attack that ghosts use is to reach into your chest cavity and constrict your heart, paralyzing you and causing more and more harm the longer the contact is maintained. Sometimes this attack causes blood to appear over the entry point, but it does not actually cause a wound. Ghosts are reluctant to touch you if you're wearing a Saint Medallion.
Defenses: Ghosts cannot die. Dealing a sufficient amount of melee damage will cause them to fall to the ground and be inactive for about 10 seconds. Usually, this takes the equivalent of several axe blows, or a full clip of any kind of ammunition.

Victim 12
Appearance: A teenage boy in a brown beanie hat, his head slowly wobbles from side-to-side in an unnatural way. "12121" is carved into his forearm.
Attacks: His attacks deal moderate damage, but he's not very aggressive. When in contact with Roger, Roger will feel as though his 'battery' is draining at an alarmingly accelerated rate. However, Roger is unaffected by Victim 12's aura.
PINNED by Roger.

Victim 13
Appearance: A middle-aged woman who makes gurgling noises sometimes. When she's knocked down, dark water sometimes bubbles up out of her nose and mouth. "13121" is carved into her collarbones just above the neckline of her dress.
Attacks: She's quite slow, and her aura causes minimal damage. Her heart-constricting attack is unusually powerful, though. When she is in contact with Abe Sapien, Abe experiences an effect like he is drowning. However, Abe is unaffected by Victim 13's aura.
PINNED by Abe.

Victim 14
Appearance: A man in a brown sweater. Sometimes, as he reaches for you, you can hear the sound of bones wetly cracking. "14121" has been carved into his left calf.
Attacks: Quite aggressive, and his "aura" saps life more quickly than those of the previous ghosts. If he is in contact with Lobster Johnson, Lobster will feel as though he is being branded. However, Lobster is unaffected by Victim 14's aura.
PINNED by Lobster Johnson and Lina Inverse.

Victim 15
Appearance: A bald man in a sweat-dampened suit. His skull is crushed and dented in above his ears, and his hands are badly mangled. "15121" has been carved onto one of those hands.
Attacks: Not very aggressive at all, and quite slow, but his attacks are very powerful. When Victim 15 is in contact with Kate Corrigan, Kate will feel an overwhelming sense of despair; i.e. an amplification of the feeling that her skills are useless, that she's deadweight on her team, etc. However, Kate is unaffected by Victim 15's aura.

Victim 16
Appearance: A young woman in a short skirt and a red blouse with a plunging neckline. She's covered in gashes, and the numbers "16121" are cut into the upper slope of her left breast. Her long black hair hangs down in front of her face. Sometimes, instead of floating, she crawls on all fours. In addition to the moans heard from all ghosts, she also sometimes makes a noise that sounds like crying and whimpering in reverse.
Attacks: She's fairly slow, and her heart-constricting grab attack isn't terribly powerful, but her aura is very damaging and it takes more damage than usual to take her down. Those fighting her at close range can also sometimes find a hand or foot entangled in her hair. Victim 16 causes Leon's focus and physical sense of control to become very slippery; his aim will be off, vision blurry, etc. Mental control also slips; concentration also becomes increasingly difficult. However, Leon is unaffected by Victim 16's aura.
PINNED by Leon.

Victim 17
Appearance: A young man perpetually on fire, writhing in agony. If you're wearing a Saint Medallion, the fire that covers him dies down a bit. He holds a broken metal chalice in one hand. The numbers "17121" are carved into his chest.
Attacks: Victim 17 can use the jagged chalice as a gashing weapon in addition to the usual attacks. He's somewhat slow, and his heart-constricting attack causes moderate damage, but his aura is unusually powerful. Additionally, the flames can burn those who fight him at close range. If he experiences contact with Lina Inverse, Lina will feel as though she is being extensively and severely burned. However, Lina is unaffected by Victim 17's aura.
PINNED by Lina and Lobster.

Victim 18
Appearance: A fat balding shirtless man with the numbers "18121" carved into his bulging stomach. His eyes are white and rolled back in his head, and he sometimes sings a a garbled, eerie, warbling wordless song. He sometimes appears wielding a nightstick.
Attacks: Very slow, but his attacks are very powerful, and it takes a lot of damage to take him down. If Andrew touches Derek Bliss, Derek will experience a series of flashbacks of times of powerlessness. However, Derek is unaffected by Victim 18's aura.
PINNED by Derek.

Victim 19
Appearance: A middle-aged man with an angry expression, this ghost walks normally instead of hovering, but his movements are jerky and erratic, rather like a record skipping in place, or like suddenly being on fast-forward. He also has the ability to teleport short distances, preferring to disappear from in front of you and reappear behind you. Victim 19 wields a lead pipe. He smells strongly of burned hair and flesh. The numbers "19121" are burned into his forehead.
Attacks: Very aggressive and persistent, and his aura and attacks are very powerful. It takes a moderate amount of damage to get him down, but he stays down for a bit longer than other ghosts. When in contact with Hellboy, Hellboy experiences a 'loose cannon' effect, probability of losing one's temper and going into a rage in which he might be just as dangerous to his teammates as to enemies is high. However, Hellboy is unaffected by Victim 19's aura.

EDIT: When your character has pinned their ghost and is ready to leave, SEE HERE. For anyone who'd like to RP mission aftermath, a post (with medical assistance!) is up in the 713 community, probably to be largely participated in tomorrow rather than tonight. You are not required to participate, but if you'd like your character to decompress/get wound treatment/discuss mission or otherwise with other characters/tearful reunions/etc., you are all welcome! If your character has anyone they'd call to meet them there, that can happen, too, provided the person being called is not ebil. ;-)

[User Picture]From: derek_bliss
2006-07-19 10:26 pm (UTC)
This is what it would be like if the vampirism had sent me mad, is Derek's thought as he emerges into the dome. The heartbeat echoes loudly in his ears without the plugs to counter-act the sound. The smell of blood and meat alternately makes him ill and want to drool. His stomach growls loudly as the rest of him cries for fuel he can't have in this place.

He shakes as he makes his way into the center of the room, looking to see who else has emerged into this odd hell.
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[User Picture]From: htownshend
2006-07-19 10:37 pm (UTC)
He takes in the environment, but doesn't really process the differences. His immediate concern is Eileen. If she didn't end up going through with him, he'll never forgive himself...but his hand is still closed around hers. He breathes a sigh of relief.

It's not till then that he sees that someone else is here. "...Derek?" He stands up, helping Eileen up as well.
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[User Picture]From: venus_afflicted
2006-07-19 10:47 pm (UTC)
Hero genes. When he got back to the nexus, first thing first, he was having the motherfuckers removed. What the fuck was he thinking, stepping through some random hole beneath some satantic altar? All he could hear was Jean-Paul's voice in his head, asking him what the fuck he thought he was doing.

Bu they weren't back in the hospital. Nor was he trapped in an never ending fall, constantly screaming and never finding an end.

Instead he found himself within the dome. Gathering himself, mouth constantly seeming to work as he tried to gather any hint of moisture left. What he wouldn't give to be back in that fetid pool in the hospital. Lips cracked, skin feeling on fire even where he didn't generate it and his insides just felt shriveled. Never before had he pushed it this hard and his body was, literally, paying the price.

But he made himself move, looking around as if there would be anything more than a remote clue as to what the fuck they were supposed to do.

"HELLO?" His voice cracking as he calls out, causing Warren to couch as his parched throat constricts.
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[User Picture]From: thefireofasaint
2006-07-19 10:53 pm (UTC)
John snaps to attention, moving forward quickly to look for the source of that voice.

"Warren." He's using the careful-being-quiet-so-I-don't-yell-at-people voice. It's one thing to see Derek, no offense meant, but this is quite another.

To his eyes, Warren looks in worse shape than how he feels, and that makes him determined to not fuck up the ritual. "You're okay." It's a mixture of relief and question and, really, demand.
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[User Picture]From: lina_inverse
2006-07-19 11:09 pm (UTC)
Lina has seen better days, herself. She lost her cloak somewhere along the way, and other than her face - she's coated in reddish brown gore. Her hair is limp and matted against her back and her head, and there are several spots on her pants that look like large chunks have been taken out. The skin itself is gore-coated there, but that could just be the same gore that she's been in lately.

Could be.

"Guh. Gla... Glad to see you're all okay."
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[User Picture]From: derek_bliss
2006-07-19 11:17 pm (UTC)
"Lina," yes, that's undisguised relief there.
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[User Picture]From: dreams_of_fish
2006-07-19 11:41 pm (UTC)
Another jump... Merely a second one, but Abe's already sick of them. Sick of darkness, falling with no end and never having any idea where he'll emerge. He wishes they'd already find Liz, reunite with the rest of the team and leave this accursed place. In the back of his mind, though, he realizes - it can't be that easy. Walter won't let it be so.

Finally, the darkness around him fades like from opening his eyes - and Abe finds himself in a large grotesque dome, surrounded by dull red light. He likes red... It reminds him of Hellboy and Liz, the two people who always kept him going. This red, however, is alien and sinister. It makes him wish they'd go back to the stale darkness and faint electric lights of the previous area.

"Derek? Lina? Mr.Johnson?" Abe starts slowly walking forward, tightening his grip on the axe in his hand. He first calls for the names of those who were by his side through this entire journey, but then decides to call for another person... The one who he tried to find here, in the first place. "Liz?"
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[User Picture]From: domina_igne
2006-07-19 11:47 pm (UTC)
Seeing Abe is a welcome change from talking--again--about the ritual, which is the last thing she wants to be thinking right now.

"Abe!" Liz can't exactly run anymore, not that she was ever that good at it anyway, but she limps to him and loops her arms around his neck. "Abe, you idiot, I can't believe--no, of course I believe you came here. You always come for me." She manages a smile for him. "That doesn't mean I'm not thinking about punching you when we get out of here."

When, please when. Not if.
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[User Picture]From: lobsters_claw
2006-07-20 12:12 am (UTC)
Like the ghost that he is, Lobster Johnson fades in from nothingness. For someone who's fairly "physically" unscathed, he nonetheless looks like he's seen better days. The blue claw emblem on his chest has been stained almost entirely red by blood from combat, and there's no "almost" about the ordinarily orange lenses of his goggles. His face is also stained with blood from combat... except for where it looks like his eyes have been bleeding from under the goggles.

He looks around, trying to get his bearings after his transport from Wish House.
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[User Picture]From: derek_bliss
2006-07-20 12:15 am (UTC)
"Lobster!" Derek greets him, the smile of relief obvious. All of his team made it...all of them. Thank god.

...That left only four missing now.
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[User Picture]From: governmentninja
2006-07-20 12:20 am (UTC)
And Leon enters the dome, looking around a bit. His first concern was locating Warren. He really didn't want to tell Liz that Warren may have gotten himself killed because he couldn't stop the boy from being stupid.

When he gets there, though, he surprised and somewhat relieved to see other team members milling around.

"Hn... looks like I'm a little late to the party."
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[User Picture]From: derek_bliss
2006-07-20 12:23 am (UTC)
"Better late than never, man. Glad you could make it," Derek greets Leon with a slight smile.

Good. Two left. They were doing good.
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[User Picture]From: unbroken
2006-07-20 01:25 am (UTC)


He hates that he has to do this. That he can't just send them home, that he has to ask more of them...but it can't be helped. And he'd better get it done soon, while they've still got time. Hellboy's still missing, but he was with them the last time they did this- he'll at least know what's going on.

Henry squeezes Liz's hand, then steps away and raises his voice. "Okay, I think we'd better get organized here. I still have to do the separation ritual, and it looks like we've got to do something else as well." He points up to the painted words. "This probably means all the ghosts will be after us. There are fifteen, unless one of you got one pinned on the way." He looks around and sees only blank stares. "All right. Fifteen. Some are stronger than others. Keep your eyes out for swords with triangles on the hilt and weird writing on them. You can stab that through the ghosts and...they won't be able to go anywhere."

He takes a deep breath and continues. "I'll be reading most of the ritual. It's going to come out sounding weird, so expect that. There's four parts. The fire's first, and...I guess all three of you will be doing that." He nods at his family, not looking too happy with this decision, but not having anything other suggestions. "Then the water, then the blood, and then the sign. It's a symbol I write on the ground. Once we get done with that...we should be able to kill him." I hope.

"I'd say to wait here until we get it done if you're hurt, but..." He looks around the room. Almost everyone looks hurt. "I don't think this place will be safe for long." He looks at the ground for the moment, then back up to them. "We do this and we'll get out." He looks fairly sure about that one. "Uh...is everyone going to be okay for this? Is there anything we can do to help...?"
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[User Picture]From: derek_bliss
2006-07-20 01:31 am (UTC)

Re: Announcement

"We're here until it's over, Henry. We'll just have to do what we can," Derek looks at the others, "We should start looking for those knives before things start up. Once they're into the ritual, they're open, and if there's no one to watch their backs, they're screwed. And so are the rest of us."
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[User Picture]From: domina_igne
2006-07-20 02:06 am (UTC)

Into the Labyrinth

The very last thing Liz wanted to do in here was actually seek Walter out, because she has spent enough time with him to last her for several lifetimes, thank you.

But this is what they have to do, and as the ritual goes, fire comes first. She casts what she fervently hopes is not a last look at this band of buggered happy few and moves, telling her feet every step that yes, of course this is the direction they want to be going, toward the doors.

They swing open with a yawning shriek before she can touch them, which is definitely not a good sign.

Beyond the double-doors lies darkness, and multiple pathways before them. This is something of a labyrinth, of wet flesh underfoot, rusted grating and walls, and the omnipresent suffocating atmosphere.

Of course this is how it is. Maybe at this point brightly lit, linear hallways would have just caused her brain to implode. She looks at John and Warren and wants to tell them to be ready, but there is no ready, and there never was. Now there is not even the illusion.

"This is it."
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From: red_rooms_child
2006-07-20 02:09 am (UTC)

Re: Into the Labyrinth


The sound of guns being cocked beside her.

"IT IS."
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[User Picture]From: _monsters_
2006-07-20 02:44 am (UTC)

Labyrinth, Group Battle

The group that passes through those double-doors is quite a bit more bloodied than the group that jumped through that hole in the island, what feels like years ago. But at least everyone's standing, and more or less alert. As badly off as they are now, it's likely to be about to get worse.

Multiple dark, narrow corridors lie before the group, branching off away from the door. The four Sherman-Townshends, eager to get the ritual underway, start off down one hallway, turning a corner and disappearing, even though the hallway beyond looks to be long and straight. Not long afterwards, unearthly moans sound from down the other hallways, familiar to everyone here now as the sound of one of Walter Sullivan's Victims.

The last of the team steps through the double-doors, and they slam shut.

(( This is time has no meaning'd: your character can enter and get started anytime, separate off in groups or pairs or singles however you wish. Once the group is through, the doors do shut behind everyone and can't be opened. Ghost attacks will be fairly immediate; these will not be NPCed, as we don't have enough staff, please feel free to pick and describe on your own! ))
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[User Picture]From: derek_bliss
2006-07-20 03:00 am (UTC)

Re: Labyrinth, Group Battle

Derek busied himself stripping away the sleeves of his jacket. Burned and ruined as the one side was, it was pretty much useless and in the way. The other sleeve followed just to keep the amount of concentration needed to know what his clothing was doing in a fight on an equal footing from side to side.

He re-tightened Jun's yellow scarf, now easy to see without sleeves to cover it, around his upper left arm. He touched it for a moment, eyes closed, whispering something in Italian before straightening back up.

The katana stayed in it's sheath for now, and he stood aside and waited just inside the gateway. What little instruction he could give had been given. Now he was simply waiting for the others to organize and go forward. Whoever wanted him by their side for this was fine by him. Right now, they were all his team in his mind--he would fight to protect and back any one of them in this.

((Derek's player will accept any partner. Keep in mind that I am at work 6am-4pm american central time (-6 GMT), so there will be sporadic answering at those times.))
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[User Picture]From: bprds_righthand
2006-07-22 04:06 am (UTC)

Exit Ritual

With Walter dead, his world can no longer support itself. The walls of the maze begin to collapse and everything starts to tumble down. There's no telling how long they have before the place they're in simply ceases to exist.

"Is everybody here?" Hellboy looks around and does the quickest headcount he can. He goes over it again, paranoid about being wrong, but they really don't have time. He looks to Kate who still carries the book from the church.
"Here's hoping that escape plan works and wasn't just a clever poem."

Kate gives HB a worried glance, but it's the only way out that they have and she trusts him. She opens the giant book to the correct page. "But...the sacred object..." When Hellboy simply holds out his stone right fist and gives her a reassuring nod, she accepts it. In part it's because she trusts him, and in part it's because it's the only hope they have.
She keeps her focus on his raised hand and recites the ritual text:
"Bless my mouth that these words read
offer passage free from dread

Bless my eyes that they may see
the veils shall be as glass to me

Bless my ears that they may hear
the silence in the spaces clear

Bless my hands that they may reach
the walls of other planes to breach

Bless my feet that they may walk
between the worlds, safe paths unlock

Bless my mind, Lord keep me sane
protect this traveller from all pain

All these things shall come to me
if Thou seest fit, provide the key.

Hellboy grimaces as the dark energies of the town and it's faith move around and through him, mingling with the ancient power held within his right hand. As Kate speaks, the world shudders and snaps and cracks spread across the ground. As the ritual finishes, the ground crumbles to open a huge, circular hole in floor.
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[User Picture]From: lobsters_claw
2006-07-22 04:25 am (UTC)

Re: Exit Ritual

Lobster Johnson comes running out of the Labyrinth, carrying the diminutive and unconscious form of Lina Inverse. He pulls up short as he sees the gate open in the floor, then looks around.

Seeing Walter lying dead, he says, "So. There it is. Justice." He tries for his usual tone, but it's worn down some by the weariness that this place can induce in even a spirit without a real physical form, shown in the ways that his presence is darker even than what it was before the Otherworld; darker, and bloodier.

Lobster looks at Hellboy and Kate. "It's done, then. We just need everyone to get here so we can leave."
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